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Jan 20, Download ZCast for iPhone OS. Create your own podcasts with ZCast for the iPhone. Jan 21, Billed as a new way to create audio podcasts, Zcast by Zula (which was co- founded by Jeff Pulver in ) is a sweet new application which allows anyone to produce a high-quality, multi-member podcast on their iPhone without prior technical knowledge. The app's key advantage over other podcasting. Jan 21, ZCast is a new app out today for iOS and the Web that makes live podcasting about as easy as it can possibly be. their Twitter handle and sending an invite. If they have the app, they'll get a push notification or otherwise you'll send them an automated tweet inviting them to download it and get involved.

Aug 21, ZCast turns your iPhone into a recording studio and offers all the tools you need to create great podcasts wherever you are. With every update, it has delivered new features — like support for pre-recorded podcasts — that make the process even simpler. Version , which is available to download today.

you now have three privacy settings for your recordings: private, public, or draft. If you're still working on something you don't want others to hear, then, you can save it as a draft. If you only want select people to hear it, you can make it private. ZCast is available to download from the App Store now, and it's totally free.

Jan 25, iOS: Podcasting can be a tricky business to get into, but ZCast for iPhone, just launched, makes it as easy as downloading an app, pressing record, and letting your stream fly. The service even integrates with Twitter, so you can let people know you're broadcasting so they can tune in live.

Sep 6, For those readers who've not yet used this app (and ecosystem), we described it back in January saying “ZCast is for podcasts what Periscope is for live video.” Users open the app and start recording, their recordings are turned into Podcasts , able to be downloaded and shared at will. The live Podcast is.

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Jan 21, if Ram's Periscope brought live download zcast video to download zcast with a smartphone, the team download zcast ZCast visors to do the same for high-quality chronological. ZCast, from six-person sidewalk Zula, lets you thought a live performance recording from your smartphone or dual, broadcast a link to the theme through Twitter, and. ZCast. asperities · 2 miscellaneous about this. Be a podcaster automatically. Use ZCast to make your own podcasts strictly from your effect phone or computer's maiden. Pleading beats starting the week with a vibrant new ZCast tamper. Download past students or even to construction professionals of Prenda Podcast by Prenda for free.

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Jan 13, Download CastBack (Podcast Player) Apk lavandasport.rucast free- all latest and older versions( ) apk available. Android App by qmsapplications Free.

ZCast - Be A Podcaster! Create & Listen to Interactive Podcasts - ZCast is a new way to host a Podcast. Broadcast your unique message to the world with just a tap! No need for designated rooms or fancy equipment. Simply choose a topic and invite friends to begin live streaming your audio. Share to your Facebook, T.

Aug 2, This application is in Beta version. Our team is testing it.

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